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Art and culture are two of the defining elements of the southeast side of Indianapolis. There are two key groups that are focused on making our area an artful destination:

The Public Space Art Sub-Committee looks to identify and establish sites for public art and to maximize the benefit of the community's existing non-park public space. They coordinate with the Public Space Master Plan to maintain a working list of possible sites and then pursue funding sources such as grants, awards and donors. The goal is for more visitors to be attracted by art by reclaiming unused or underutilized areas as valuable assets.

Examples of projects that the art committee has helped with include the Fountain Square Gateway piece and the 2008 Fab for Less Bates-Hendricks Esplanade artwork.

The Fountain Square Arts Council (FSAC) seeks to form a connective bond between artists and residents in the Southeast area and to make all forms of artistic expression available to neighborhood residents. While the name of the organization contains "Fountain Square", the geographic boundaries extend into the entire Southeast area of Indianapolis. FSAC will function as a gateway for information and form a bond between local artists and the residents in the Southeast area. They will also connect this group with other arts and community groups in the area.

By using art as a way to encourage visitation to the Fountain Square area, the FSAC desires to boost the area's cultural and social landscape by promoting the area to the rest of Indianapolis. One area of focus is engaging neighborhood youth to the arts through social interaction and hands-on activities. The FSAC has already been involved with several projects and events in Indianapolis. These include The Arts Parade: East Meets West in April 2008 sponsored by the Indianapolis Museum of Art, the Prospect Street Celebration, The Fountain Square Mural Project, and Masterpiece in a Day 2008 annual art competition. The FSAC offered quilting, visual arts, storytelling, and music at these events. Also, children were provided with opportunities to share their thoughts through a talking wall, and contributed to the creation of a mural.

The FSAC meets on the last Wednesday of the month at 1035 Sanders Street at 6:00pm. For more information contact