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The SEND area is an old neighborhood that must constantly struggle to bring its aging infrastructure up to the standards of a vital community. SEND serves as a convener of many partnerships aimed at expanding and improving our public spaces and infrastructure. We work closely with neighborhood associations to advocate the improved maintenance of our streets, sidewalks, sewers, and other public facilities. Some of our larger projects have included:

Fountain Square Gateway

In November 2005, a new sculpture, "Wishful Thinking," designed by Fountain Square resident Dick Lutin, was officially unveiled. Also in the works is Fountain Square Gateway Park, designed by Green 3 and Ninebark. The park around the sculpture, located on Virginia Avenue at the I-65 overpass, includes simple concrete curbs, sidewalks, and monolithic address markers representing the footprints of commercial buildings that stood on the site before construction of Interstate 65. The sculpture and gateway park are collaborations of SEND and Fountain Square Main Street; the Indianapolis Cultural Districts Initiative and the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission; and the Fountain Square Merchants Association. The project was funded through a grant from the Indianapolis Cultural Development Commission.

Fountain Square Streetscape

Improving Fountain Square's fountain and streetscape has long been a goal of SEND. In 2003, SEND secured $500,000 in federal funding to begin a phased improvement project for the Fountain Square commercial corridor. Through generous funding from our corporate neighbors: Eli Lilly & Company, WellPoint, and Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance; SEND commissioned Green 3 and Ninebark to study the corridor and develop concepts for modification to the fountain and streetscape. The result: a 10-15 year phased plan to construct a new fountain and public plaza, and to upgrade the sidewalks, street lights, and landscaping. The project also focuses on pedestrian safety, making street corners easier to navigate.

Hendricks Park

SEND is the owner of a strip of land which it has developed into a community park through a collaboration with the Bates-Hendricks Neighborhood Association, Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Baker & Daniels, and Eli Lilly and Company. This project began in late 2000, and was completed in the spring of 2002. We constructed a pavilion building, installed a metal sculpture by a neighborhood artist, and completed landscaping. After its completion, SEND transferred title to IndyParks.

Stacy Park

In 1997, SEND created a pocket playground in Fountain Square that replaced a former weed lot and a substandard garage turned drug house through a large group of volunteers and donors. The park was named after a neighborhood girl killed playing in the street at that corner. Upon completion, the park was turned over to IndyParks, but is still maintained by neighborhood youth.

School 39 Playground

In 1998, SEND worked with Indianapolis Public Schools and the SECO neighborhood association to transform a surplus property into a playground for landlocked School 39.

Pleasant Run Play Park

In 1996, SEND utilized a neglected portion of Pleasant Run Parkway to create a small playground.